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April 21, 2014


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Gilbert James

Dear Sharon, thank you for this piece. I listened to and watched a speech given by Mr. Putin at the 43rd Munich Security Conference on video where he describes increasing encroachment upon Russia's borders. He appears to me to be a sound, intelligent, thoughtful person. You asked this question: "So why do our leaders and media demean and demonize Putin and Russia??? " I would guess because of American oligarchs and American Imperialism. Again, thank you for your piece, its truthfulness and fairness. G.


HI Sharon,

Interesting and informative article! Always fascinated stories about pre-presidential Putin. I would love to get a hold of your book. I briefly took up an email correspondence with venture capitalist Dean LeBaron, who also put his experience with working with Putin in his book.

I've written a quick blog response to your piece.

Colin Brace

I believe the US elites have never forgiven Putin for nixing at the last minute the Yukos deal. Putting Russian interests above those of US imperial interests was and remains unforgivable. The US will now try to lure him into a military conflict over Ukraine.


Hello Sharon, thank you for this write, I have an open mind and really appreciate what you have written. I will share it in hopes that others will open their minds.


Great article. I've said it before and I'll say it again - we could sure use a leader like Vlad here in the USA.


thnx. shared it on my facebook page


Great article. The only thing I disagree with is describing those visiting Americans in 1994 as "auspicious". There haven't been any "auspicious" Americans in over a century, in government NEVER.

John M. Morgan

Sharon, thank you this is much appreciated! It fills in what was beginning to come clear to me. I will get your book.

Luc Devincke

Great article Sharon, thanks for it.


Very thoughtful article.

I would like to add an additional aspect of psychological projection. The shadow aspects projected into the subject are demonized in the subject which expresses self-hatred in the one that projects.

The West projects the shadow aspects that are well listed by Sharon. The West hates its shadow (i.e., itself; it is an unconscious aspect of itself), and in its unconscious effort to integrate its shadow it strikes out against the world in its will to dominate which is driven by its unconscious effort to integrate itself.

The West is bringing untold immense suffering to the Middle East and Ukraine driven by ignorance of itself and its unconscious drive to know itself.

The West is playing out a Greek tragedy, which if acted unconsciously to its end will be an immense catastrophe for the West and the East.


Thank you for this article, Sharon.

It's shameful, alarming and deeply sickening, the desperate hatred of America and behaviour of America's unintelligent little 'thug puppets' (like Australia) towards this gentle, highly intelligent, peace-seeking man.

Are you aware of the open letter of apology to President Putin and the Russian people that went online last year (and was shut down - no prizes for guessing by who)?

If that doesn't demonstrate that people from all over the world deeply respect Vladimir Putin and are ashamed of the way he's been treated, then nothing will.

Byron Black

I can well recall the gloating, victorious stance and faux-"helpfulness" of the West, and particularly that of the USA, when the Soviet system collapsed of its own weight. It was (erroneously) seen as a victory for free-market capitalism over a centrally-planned command economy on a permanent war footing (guess why). The Pentagon also offered, in dulcet tones, to "help" the Russians get rid of their nuclear weaponry, lest it fall into the hands of fanatics and maniacs - without, of course, any quid pro quo. Americans barged into Moscow and set up businesses with Roman arrogance and assuredness, only to find themselves clipped neatly by the not-so-gullible Russians, within a year or two. Now Putin is making theatrical military show in response to the West's encirclement (missiles in Poland? Oh, to deter terrorists. I see now) Dmitry Orlov has explained in detail the classic Russian strategy of withdrawing and avoiding confrontation until an enemy, over-extended, meets winter (or its equivalent). Then the push reverses. Wait for the Crash of '15 and see which economy can survive, the fat spoilt one or the dour stolid one.

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