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August 29, 2013


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Alexander Mercouris

Dear Patrick,

At the risk of sounding repetitious, another masterly survey.

It is difficult to find something to say when I agree with all you write. I especially agree with your comment about the relationship between Syria and Russia. They are NOT allies and it is false and a fundamental misunderstanding of Russian policy to argue that they are. The question is do the politicians in Washington, London Riyadh and Paris who say it really believe it? I suspect the answer is yes they do, and it explains why they get Russia so consistently wrong - see the latest debacle of Prince Bandar's trip to Moscow. Given how often Russian policy has been explained, why is it so difficult to understand?

For the rest, I think it is both highly instructive how the western LGBT campaigners have turned against Alexeyev so brutally for his apostasy to the "cause". If one needed evidence that banging on about Putin oppressing gays is more important than the facts, there you have it.

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