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January 21, 2010


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Tymoshenko did better then anyone expected. falling just 2.5% behind Yanukovych. The constry remains butter divided. Yanukovych did not win an absolute majority of support and as such he has a limited mandate. But never the less he has won the ballot which all the exit polls have confirmed.

Election Results map

The election cost Ukraine over one billion dollars and if anything demonstrated that the presidential system has and will continue to fail Ukraine.

The only good to come from the presidential election was Yushchenko's removal from office.

With Yushchenko out of the way there is hope that Tymochenko and Party of Regions can find common ground and can work together and pursue what is best for Ukraine.

Yanukovych must abandon his policy of seeking to dismiss the parliament. If need be he can call for a vote of confidence but if he poses the vote then he should try and work with the parliament not against it.

Ukraine is suffering voter fatigue and fresh elections will produce little change.

The best option is to reform Ukraine's parliament and amend the constitution making Ukraine a full parliamentary democracy in line with pother European states. Then and only then will Ukraine begin to be a free independent nation, mindful of its neighbors and strategic influence.

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